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My next thing (coming soon)

2010-06-03 22:35:15 by skipPer1

oh sliver what iam im going to do make u look lame hahaha (sliver's big game idea)

My next thing (coming soon)


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2010-06-11 20:14:11

That is a good way to make fun of Silver


2010-07-24 19:31:51

I'mma be straight here: the last good Sonic game was, in my opinion, Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow is the only thing keeping SEGA alive right now, and by shoving him aside for Sonic, Sonic Team is plunging a knife into their heart.

Nintendo, on the other side of the spectrum, makes room for most of their characters. Sure, Daisy hasn't been heard from since Mario Party 8, Luigi's still in the corner, but overall, every recyclable character is recycled in Mario games.

Sonic Team will attempt to clone Nintendo's glorious games as usual, but it is all for naught: SEGA will, more likely than not, eventually sink under, and Sonic will disappear from the market. And, frankly, I will only greive the loss of NiGHTS.

Project Needlemouse is SEGA's last hope. If it doesn't do at least as good as New Super Mario Bros. Wii did, SEGA's done for. It doesn't matter what they do, resistance is futile: SEGA will collapse.

So, best of luck to Project Needlemouse. As for you, cry yourself to sleep while unconsciously clutching your SEGA Genesis controller. Dream about the good old days, and picture in your head a game just like it was made back then. Then, pray that that game will be what Project Needlemouse is.

PS: Raindow Mario could kick Hyper Sonic's ass.


2011-08-15 01:08:12

Lol nice job :D